Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

Images Stretch & Flex sensor

(scroll down a bit to go directly to the videos.)

As I said, I received two sensors by images the other day. A flex sensors and a stretch sensor (find documentation here and here. Unlike a potentiometer these do not come with a voltage divider to simply measure the resistance, so I had to go about constructing my own. Basically what I did was put a resister between ground and the sensor and attached a third cable to the sensor right before where I attached the resister. (The same way as you would do it for a photo-resistor or any other resistive sensor i guess...)

Here are some pictures of the first readings I took with the flex sensor:


and bent:

I then went about to see if I could actually use them as I hoped. (The flex sensor for measuring the hands clasp and the stretch sensor for measuring wrist rotation)

Here's an image of my flex-sensor-glove setup:

And here are videos of both flex and stretch sensors in action:

I am a bit worried that the signal from the stretch sensor might be too weak, but I believe I can improve this when I actually go about constructing the whole thing (I might not be using the optimal resistor in the voltage divider and have to experiment with location of the sensor etc.)

The flex sensor/glove combo works so well that I've had everyone who comes close to my room wear it and try it out for themselves :-D

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