Montag, 8. November 2010

Introducing: The ShadowCoat (Part 2)

As mentioned before,  I have changed my approach a bit, dropping the thermoplastics and going more towards smart clothing direction. I suggest you just take a look at the video. I'll post some pictures and explanations below.

What is most noteworthy in the video is that the rotation of the arm does the two sensor thing I've been talking about (cant wait to see that work on the elbow and shoulder as well). This greatly increased the accuracy of the reading. Also, the software now out-calibrates. This makes the suit ultra-usable. A friend just tried it on and it worked as effortlessly with her as it did with me.

I am still using the stretch sensor by Images. As you can't soldier plastic, I had to find other means of connecting them to cables:

I use multi-core cables (ahh, I know thats not the correct term, but its late...), so sewing over/through/on them is no problem

I am sewing them to the construction I prepared yesterday, you can see them in this post.

I was fooling around with the readings from the stretch sensors earlier and realized, that using two sensors which counteract each other would greatly benefit accuracy and amplitude of the signal. I tried it, and yep, it works :-)

From my ShadowCoat :-) the sensors connect to voltage dividers which in turn connect to the Arduino Mega...

Here is what the whole thing (and me) look  like at the moment. I'm quite happy, cause this worked better than expected :-)

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