Dienstag, 22. März 2011

Update on coca201 Project

Animated Paper

Exploring different techniques of animating paper as well as exploring animated paper as a medium. In particular the use of paper animation as an input device, as well as an output device and as projection surface.

Excursion 1: Hide your Fears (Earth?)
Projection on paper animated by Nitinol and activated by proximity. 
Animation functions as Output

Possible Schematic for the Nitinol circuitry

Schetch of Content

Excursion 2: Tell the Future (Fire, Water?)
Projection on a Future teller, animated by magnetic actuators triggered by proximity. The animated paper is used as projection surface and output.

One opening will display fire, another opening will display water.

Excursion 3:  Follow the Leader (Air?)
A "Flock" of Doves, which copy the movements of a "Leader" Dove.
Paper animation is both Input and Output. The Output Animation is servo actuated, the input animation is human actuated.

Bird flapping its Wings:

The Input is sensed by stretch sensors incorporated in the Origami. A possible circuit may look like this:

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