Montag, 13. August 2012

BerryBase - What we have so far

 The Base

These two PCBs will merge into one. We have them separated now for debugging and as it was easier to design this way. The bottom PCB (the smaller one) connects to the RaspberryPi. The top PCB is stacked on top of that.

The top PCB provides us with connectors for 8 modules. Each module (or Berry) has a couple of digital inputs and outputs connecting to the RaspberryPi (for interrupts etc.) as well as SPI and I2C.

 The GPIOBerry

This is the most basic extension. It gives you 16 programmable logic pins.

 The AnalogBerry

This Berry gives you 8 24bit Analog Inputs. (Yes, 24Bit may be slightly overkill.)

The BrainBerry

We had to do it. Its an Arduino Clone. It is both a I2C Master and Slave, Acts as your standard Arduino, while staying in constant communication with the RaspberryPi. (I want 8 of these modules for programming my Evil Super AI)

The ButtonBerry / FeedbackBerry

We figure we will be using this guy a lot for debugging. It has 8 buttons paired with 8 green status LEDs.

Thats it for now. More to come :-)


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