Samstag, 8. September 2012

Software Sketch for BerrieBase

I threw this together to get a feel of what our software could potentially look like.

This is similar to various data-flow languages (like vvvv, pd and Max/MSP) ...

 In theory I really liked data-flow languages, but I have never found an environment I was comfortable enough with to stick with. My plan with our software is to keep it simpler than the ones I just mentioned, and have the ability to switch over to code view, if you want to do something more complex. Basically I want to be able to generate flow-charts from code and code from flow-charts. I imagine every graphical node to be represented by a function. A newly declared variable would also be a node, and all other variables would be represented by lines.

This will of course require users to stick to a more functional style of programming than the relatively imperative way that is used with Arduino. Which could be a curse or a blessing. I am not sure which one yet.

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