Samstag, 25. September 2010

First steps

Yesterday I talked with Nico Roos, the professor advising me on my project, and explained to him what I hope to accomplish. It felt like the conversation went in three rounds. After round one Nico described my idea as "very ambitious, possibly too ambitious" after round two, Nico went a step further as to referring to it as "quite crazy". Round three ended up with him saying "If you can prove that you can pull it off, we might actually have a budget for this".

Quite happy with this result of the conversation, I went to the local electronics store and bought some potentiometers. Fooled around with them for a bit and then built a little remote-controlled robot, using the poti's as interface.

Step two was to mess around with ways of attaching the poti's to my body. By moving I would then create a signal with which I hope to later on be able to induce the same movement from the NAO.

Here’s an image of my first attempt at doing something like this

And here’s a short video

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